The Submissions design pattern allows users to submit an artifact for sharing or review and include any additional information as needed.

Use This Pattern When

  • Artifacts created by users can be stored and displayed on the system
  • Artifacts are meant to be shared with other on the system, whether privately with an instructor or publicly with other users
  • Artifact submissions require some sort of user input (i.e. a file upload, title, description)

How to Use

Elements Considerations
Create a separate space for the submission form How complex is the submission process? How often are users expected to submit artifacts? Does the submission form work better on a new window, on a section of a page, or on its own page?
If users are expected to submit files external to the site, include a way to upload them If this is the main aspect of the submission, it should be prominent. Is there a list of acceptable file types? Think able the best way to make this information known. Are the types listed near the upload feature, or do users receive a detailed error message if they attempt to upload an unacceptable file type?
Include any requirements for submission as necessary Is there a due date or time for submitting the artifact? Is there a checklist of requirements users should be aware of before submitting?
Provide users with a way to include additional information as needed Are users expected to give their submission a title or descriptive text? Can users customize privacy settings for the submission? Include text fields and other input methods for users to specify this information.
Include a way to submit and cancel the submission What is the layout of the submission form? Consider ways to make the Submit button much more prominent than the Cancel button. Think about ways to account for user error in submitting or cancelling a post.

Why Use This Pattern

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Related Research

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