Log Data & Analysis


Online Social Learning Network Trace Logs

This dataset includes log data from iRemix, an online social learning network intended to support the development of 21st century learning through production, reflection, critique, and revision. an online social learning network used by middle school students. Online activities from 56 students and one teacher over a period of two and a half academic school years are captured by student logs (n=88.4k) which coded using a framework of 21st century learning opportunities and teacher logs (n=3.4k) which are coded according to learning support roles played.

Digital Youth Network
DePaul University

This dataset was generated through the use of one instance of iRemix, an online social learning network, which is intended to support the development of 21st century learning through production, reflection, critique, and revision. Users represented in this dataset include one middle school English Language Arts teacher in Western Adler Middle School (pseudonym), an urban charter school, and his 56 students over a period of two and a half academic school years. Students were in sixth grade in the first year, and continued with the same teacher for subsequent two years when they were in seventh and eighth grade. Western Adler Middle School is a K-8 school and draws the majority of students from a predominantly Latino community: 91% of students are Latino, 8% black, and 1% white. 95% of these students are low income and over one third (35%) are English language learners.

Attribute Information:

  • ID: student and teacher ID on iRemix
  • Year1_Group: Class assignment for the first year of study
  • Year2_Group: Class assignment for the second year of study
  • Year3_Group: Class assignment for the third year of study
  • Gender
  • Type: Student or Teacher
  • Action
  • Action Object: type of object that users act on
  • Timestamp (CST): point of time when the action occurred
  • Post ID: unique identifier for each post
  • Post Content: Post or action content
  • Action Code: our research group’s designed coding for each Action/KlassType combination. For example, when Action is “reaction_on”, Klass Type is “Video”, the Action Code is designed to be “Communicate”
  • Sender: ID of the individual who performed the action
  • Recipient: ID of the individual who received the action

Suggested citation:
Digital Youth Network (2017). Data File and Documentation, Public Use: iRemix Logs from a Blended Learning Research Study (2013-2016). Digital Youth Network. Chicago, IL. Available from: https://learningplatforms.org/log-data-analysis/dataset/

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