The Multimedia Post design pattern allows users to publish and share multimedia artifacts such as photos and videos with other users.

Use This Pattern When

  • Multimedia files can be stored and displayed on the system
  • The system allows public posts between users

How to Use

Elements Considerations
Provide a way to select the media type Consider the types of files that will be supported (i.e. photos, videos, audio files, documents). How will these options be displayed? As a menu bar? A dropdown list?
Include a file uploader or URL import field Will the system support files being uploaded from a URL? Consider whether multiple files can be uploaded at once, or if users will be limited to one file per post. Will users be able to preview the file once uploaded? Will the file title be displayed once posted? Can users rename the file once uploaded?
Add text fields for additional information Will the post have a separate title and description? Will the text entry field for the description have an editing toolbar for style customization?
Consider implementing tags How might tags be used in the system? For searching or filtering? For a recommender system? How will tags be formatted? Can users enter custom tags, or select from a list of available tags?

Why Use This Pattern

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Related Research

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